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I’m going to do a lot of overtime this winter at work because I’ve just worked out that by next year I’ll only have half the money I want for Japan and Korea and I know I’ll need much more…

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My cousins generation is so odd. She’s 10 and listens to so much bashment and acts like a 14/15 year old and wondering whether to get instagram right now. My other two cousins who are the same age as her are doing YouTube videos and I’m just baffled at this generation.

Had to set her straight about not liking gay people and knowing too much business of other people’s because she listens way too much to what adults say.

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Question: why the hell are they wearing jumpers in the middle of July?

I don’t know, they’re crazy. It’s like 80 degrees over here.

it’s literally so hot I don’t understand
unless they only put on the clothes they’re wearing for the superfruit episode, that would explain things

maybe they have super powerful AC?

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( ˘ ³˘)❤

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NyNy’s Top 3 Berryz Koubou Dolls | Credit to the gif/pic creators 

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UK Blogger/Vbloggers in Asia 

Can someone tell me as many bloggers or video bloggers that live in Asia and are from the UK? I’d like to watch more like smilingseoul.

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Favorite story posts part 1

That last one

My dad says the ‘making love in a canoe’ about american beer

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Reblog if you’re shorter than 5’8. 

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am I the only one who looks at every grape before I eat it 

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I wish I met all my internet friends earlier in my life because most of my primary/secondary friends I still keep in touch with piss me off. I was talking to one the other day and omg she’s still sensitive as fuck and miserable. Maybe she’s going through a bad time, I don’t know but she’s always not been a big talker and questions why I always moan about a job.

Ain’t a friend supposed to listen to you despite how much you complain about something?

Hmmmm, I need to meet new people and a guy as well.